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Thoroughly enjoyed "The Stuntwoman" David, you captured a beautiful lady with a fantastic story.  Am not afraid to admit I cried at Chapter 42.  If an author can bring out the reader's emotions on paper, he had done his job.
Gay and Jim

Yes, today, your signing was a big success and I'm so happy.  You know I'll continue to sell your wonderful book!  So happy so many folks came by and bought!!!  Hope you had a good time, too!!

lindy. Bookstar, Studio City

The fact that you stood up to the gang of bullies in the industry made me so proud of the way you handled yourself and yet fearful (in hindsight) of the dangers you were subjected to.  My hat is off for all you accomplished, and my thanks are genuine that you remained safe through all the trails you faced, both literally and figuratively.  The reversal of the verdict was startling, but you emerged victorious after all. 
Your story is inspiring, to put it mildly, and I'm happy to share it with others.
Penny, a former classmate

What a joy speaking with you again....just 40 years after we worked together on Superchick, when you doubled Joyce Jillson, and gave me the infamous monkey flip. 
But what a fine, compelling book you and Robb have written about the flagrant drug use in the business.  At the time anyone who didn't know what was happening had their head in the sand.  We all knew the players and hoped we wouldn't have to work with them.  You weren't that fortunate.
I believe your book will make a difference, a big one, especially to the newbies entering the business today.  You have definitely made a difference.
                                                              Jesse Wayne, Veteran Stuntman

I like everything about this book.  It is a good read from cover to cover, with not a word wasted.  The table of contents provides a quick reference to events over time.  Julie's journey is packed with information about the stunt business.  It is a welcome addition to my library.
                                                                                           Irene Lamothe

I just finished reading your book and wish it would be required reading for anyone in the industry, and wishing to get in.
I can only tell you of my admiration for your ethics, and the quality of the life you have lived.
                                                          Jack M. Verbois, Veteran Stuntman

"The near-death experiences make my hair stand on end!  This is a stunning portrayal of events.  Julie, you nailed a significant problem in the industry, and it takes courage to take a stand."   
                                                                                            Tina (Deaton)

Great Lady!!  Its about time because in my humble opinion, Julie endured things none of us can even imagine and came out on top.  She deserves all things good and recognition with a big star on Hollywood Blvd. 


I just finished your book which I thought was excellent both your amazing stunt woman life and more importantly, the battle you fought within the industry.  I have already bought from Amazon a couple more books and had them sent to a couple of our fellow 1958 grads at FUHS because I like to support women who have stepped out of the box and done some wonderful different careers and broke glass ceilings. 


I remember these days in Hollywood.  Julie was shunned because she dared to speak up.  Now the truth is told in a book titled "The Stuntwoman" written by David Robb with Julie Ann Johnson.  I enjoyed the book and your video as well. 

Amie Lachien

I just finished The Stuntwoman while on a business trip getting ready to return home to my wife and two daughters.....and I am in awe!
Simply, the depth of her soul is absolutely amazing.....and I only hope that my daughters, 14 and 16, can stare down life as fearlessly and gracefully as Julie quite obviously has her entire life. 
Bravery....courage....passion....The list I could put together to described what I have just learned about an amazing person would be endlessly full of the "positives" in description.  But I think mostly, what I will pass along (other that the book to all three of the women in my life!) is that perseverance provides provides an avenue to grace.  That avenue might be fraught with the "negatives" (harassment, blacklisting, discrimination), but in the end we arrive at our destination knowing in our hearts and souls that we fought the good fight.
I, too, recently, put my own sword down, retiring from the US Army after 20 years this past October, and, like Julie, I will keep it ready to raise again.  But, it's time to tell that story and let others carry the mantle for a bit.
Please pass along my regards to Julie.  She is an inspiration that I truly plan to pass along to my daughters as a grand example of female strength that the generation of young people in America, and the world, should be looking to for strength in these uncertain times. 

Tim Rose, US Army , Retired

After reading this remarkable book, I realized that even after knowing Julie for 40 years, I really did not know her.
What an amazing woman you are to endure all that you have and to have the spirit to continue on.
You are my Star, my Idol, my Inspiration.
Diana E.

The intricacies of Hollywood politics and stunts is a reliable compelling story.  I didn't think I really cared about stunts or stunt people, but the story hooked me in the first few chapters and I loved learning about all what happens behind the scenes in the television industry.  The narration made it feel like I was talking to a friend over coffee, but included hard facts about unions, bosses, equity, and women working in a "man's world."  The book is worth the read!

It told the real story of how corrupt Hollywood men were and most likely still are in their treatment of women who do the same job for less money and respect.  This woman stood up for all the women in her profession and although her case was iron clad, the rotten Hollywood big wigs, namely Aaron Spelling, somehow got to the judge and jury and even though she won her case award of over a million dollars was widdled down to a measly few thousand dollars.  Had she not been befriended by a woman in the industry who hired her as a maid since she had been blackballed from any kind of work in Hollywood, and left her her estate, Julie Johnson would still be cleaning toilets.
James R. Mcnair

From the first moment she entered s movie set Julie Ann Johnson proved her exquisite stunt abilities and was soon ranked among the industry's best.  I was a stuntman for forty years and doing a fight was so easy as she flipped me over her head.  So unlike the other stunt players, male and female, when it was like tangling with a moose.  Unfortunately, in the early 1980's drug abuse was very prominent in Tinseltown, especially among stunt performers.  We all knew the participants and prayed we wouldn't have to work with them.  But Julie was in the Lion's Den and was soon ostracized when she mentioned the problem.  I suspect drug use is still prevalent today.  Her book is a compelling story of trying to do the right thing.  Anyone who has ever had an interest in stunts and/or Hollywood must read her and Robb's heart-wrenching story.
Jesse Wayne

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